Illuminations for cities

Holiday illuminations, 3D lantern decorations, three-dimensional spatial LED decorations – we have successfully been bidding in public procurement proceedings for many years. We will help you to create an inimitable holiday atmosphere in the space of your choice. Our comprehensive offer includes everything from light decorations to street lanterns, through walk-through LED ornaments and illuminated lettering, all the way to unique 3D figures such as sleighs, reindeer, angels or presents. We also make custom, non-standard illumination designs upon request. The LED Christmas illuminations we have created have already become a characteristic part and permanent attraction of cities across Europe.
The following products enjoy the greatest interest:
- 3D lantern illuminations
- 3D LED figures
- Street and facade decorations
- LED lettering, e.g. “Happy Holidays” or “#City Name”

Illuminations for shopping malls

Nothing draws crowds of customers and sparks the imagination like atmospheric, holiday illuminations. We offer a wide range of light decorations, for both the Christmas season and any other occasion. From hanging light installations, through three-dimensional LED figures in every possible shape (ornaments, sleighs, angels, characters from fables, and much, much more), to lettering to serve as a background for selfies – our capabilities are unlimited. We invite you to create a breathtaking atmosphere in your space.

Seasonal decorations

Light illuminations are the most beautiful way to highlight the exceptionality of a given place. Our LED light decorations will create a unique mood for an urban or company space or gracefully illuminate an important celebration. We invite you to choose from creative, fabulous seasonal decorations in every style.


At Christmas Decor, you will find a broad array of decorative lighting in all shapes, forms and sizes. Learn about our offer.


Not all of our customers have the ability to store light decorations, and others prefer to enjoy different lights every year. Christmas Decor addresses these needs by offering rental of our LED decorations. We invite those interested in cooperating with us to fill out the form or contact us via telephone or e-mail.

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