The Umbrella Tunnel: a colorful head-spinning experience!
Do you want to increase the marketing potential of a location? Make it a dreamy meeting point where everyone wants to take a "selfie"? Or do you want to brighten up the faces of passersby instead of having them stare at the ground?
Christmas Decor company enters once again to saturate urban spaces with a rainbow of colors, this time in the summer - we present our modular umbrella tunnel, inspired by the famous Umbrella Sky Project.
The decoration consists of practical modules that can be combined to achieve the desired length (even up to 36 meters and more). The modules measure 6m (length) x 7m (width) x 6m (height) - thanks to the appropriate height, a delivery truck can easily pass under the tunnel, so the decorated street will still be functional. Additionally, the structure does not require drilling into the ground or the facade - it can be safely placed anywhere.
In 2021, our tunnel caused a stir in the charming street of Białystok. This summer, you can bring joy to monotonous spaces - we guarantee that every passerby will awaken their inner child upon seeing this.
Do you have an idea and a need for decorations, but don't know how to implement it? Contact us, and we will gladly take on the implementation of your project, always providing honest and professional advice.

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